Mar 24

Why A Private Counsellor Is Usually Better

cbt-therapist-2Patients in the United Kingdom who seek psychological counselling usually have two options: to consult with a therapist from the NHS, or to choose a private counsellor.

A private therapist will be costing money, but may ultimately be a much better choice than going with a counsellor assigned by the NHS.

One advantage of a private therapist is that these are by and large certified.

In the United Kingdom, France and if someone is seeking cognitive behavioural therapy, a private CBT is usually certified by the BABCP, the U.K.’s lead organisation for cognitive behavioural therapy. This means that a patient will always know that they can get a counsellor that is qualified to help them in the best way possible.

Secondly, when patients choose to go with a private therapist, the can usually choose one which is closest to their home. This isn’t just convenient but can also save lengthy travels and travel expenses.

Thirdly, private therapist really more open when it comes to visiting hours. While therapists from the NHS may have fixed hours, a private therapist is more likely to accommodate to someone’s schedule. This can be helpful if someone is busy at home or work.

Lastly, more private therapists as compared to councillors from the NHS are offering additional options such as online consultations.

The above reasons along with other advantages can make a private therapist a very good option.


Nov 06

You Should See the Singing Waiters When You Travel to the UK

singing waiters – marvel superheroes

If you are from the UK and in particular if you happen to live in a bigger city such as London or Birmingham, I bet you already heard of The Singing Waiters. Just this past summer I had been so many wedding receptions where the folks booked The Singing Waiters as a better and really classy alternative to just hiring a DJ or a wedding band.

For me, it just makes a lot more sense that you get the best musical entertainment for your wedding when you otherwise spend a fortune on everything else. So why would you then want to settle for some average, local band?

The Singing Waiters have really the best dancers and singers and I can highly recommend them if you want to make your reception unforgettable for everyone.

As the name suggests, the Singing Waiters are famous and popular for their shows where they disguise themselves as waiters until it’s time for their surprise show that usually lasts about two hours.

Recently however there is also a chance that you can meet the singing waiters when you go on holidays on a cruise. They are now also performing on some of the U.K.’s cruise ships. Obviously, even the owners of cruise lines are now realising that the singing waiters are the best entertainment!

There is another speciality of The Singing Waiters and this is flash mob performances. Flash mobs are in particular popular for occasions such as engagements but if you’re fortunate enough you can also happen to witness a flash mob in public places such as in a shopping centre or at the town square of a major city. A lot of companies  and organisations in the UK they are also using flash mobs as a unique way to draw some attention or to advertise their products.

It’s their professional training and quality of their performances that made The Singing Waiters the most popular surprise entertainers in the UK today. When you see The Singing Waiters you will sure understand why!

Nov 06

A Tip If You Own A Business And Ship Overseas

holiday-season-businessMy friend Jerry asked me last week about this and I thought it might be a good idea to share  this tip here with you.

Jerry owns a business where he ships items all over the world.

He is actually fortunate since his rather small company sees a big spike of orders in the recent weeks.

I guess it’s because of the upcoming holiday season that he is now getting flooded with orders, some as far as from China and India.

Now, it is sure every business owner’s nightmare to not be able to satisfy increased demand such as Jerry is seeing at the moment.

More customers and more orders should obviously always mean higher profits, rather than holding up things  since volume cannot be processed any more. This is certainly the exact opposite of what any business owner will have in mind!

To help you there, to overcome even unexpected peaks in order volumes and be able to sell and ship your goods always on time I highly recommend that you purchase look into export software. This type of small busines software is not only something for large incorporates! Even if you have a very small company, export software can actually help you tremendously.

Jerry now always knows when he needs to order more stock – and the overall processing times for orders are also almost cut in half. That means that even in the busy holiday season with a lot more orders he doesn’t have to be afraid that he would run out of stock. Problems like those would normally mean lost customers as any business owner might know!

Oct 23

If You Start Your Own Business and Want to Save Money

When people want to start their own business, money is often an issue. With all the enthusiasm about starting up something new it can often be the case that thinking about saving money comes second. On the other hand it can be so easily to avoid unnecessary expenses when you want to start with your business. Let’s take a look of some of those things for you can save.

electronic_invoiceA lot of folks, when they think “business” will likely immediately pay some money for a fax machine along with the second phone line they will require. Because, what serious business wouldn’t have a fax number?

But few people know that you don’t require expensive equipment, let alone earn extra phone number to be able to send and receive faxes.

You can save good money when you take advantage of a third-party faxing service that works over the Internet.

They will provide you your fax number and you will then be able to send and receive faxes from your computer. The best thing about it is that getting such a service is usually very cheap too.

The other thing you should think about for your new business could be E Invoices.

Let’s be honest, in a time where everything is digital and you can send and receive emails instantly you really don’t want to spend a lot of your time creating invoices and sending them by postal mail. This is as ineffective as it can even get. Plus, take into account the costs for your staff that needs to create the invoices or the costs for having to mail them the conventional way.

It is actually more surprising to see that a lot of people still haven’t heard about E Invoices. With electronic invoices can send and receive invoices as fast as emails, plus it gets rid of all the hassles having to mail them.

Another not insignificant benefit of E invoices is that they can greatly help to avoid errors from needing to transfer paper invoices to your computer system.

Oct 23

Traveling On A Budget

VW-camperIf you want to see the world but need to watch your spending, you can do more than saving on plane tickets or booking into cheap hotels.

The best way to travel the world when money is a concern is without a question camping!

Fortunately camping has gone a long way today. It’s not what it has been in previous times where camping was a synonym for having to spend your time in a cramped tent and needing to fore-go all the luxuries of a nice hotel room or apartment.

What you can do today is to get yourself a modern campervan that has all what you could only wish for. Modern camper vans can have a nice, cozy sleeping area with a cozy bed. The come with a fully equipped kitchen complete with microwave and fridge along with many other luxuries such as a TV or stereo system.

Some campers can also be extended with an awning to increase the space where you can lounge and relax at your travel destination.

If you camp you will have more advantages as opposed to traveling the conventional way. Obviously you will not depend on having to visit pricey restaurants on your holiday stay since you can cook whatever and whenever you want. All you need to do is look up your fridge with groceries and you’re ready to go anywhere you want.

For many travellers, camping is the much better alternative. Being independent from hotels and motels means you can go anywhere without having to worry about booking a room. Whenever you like you can have a change of scenery since you can always go somewhere else without a problem.

Some travellers like camping that much they invested into their own campervan. It is understandable that such an expenditure may not be for anyone especially if they have never camped before. But there’s solution for this: You can simply rent a campervan for your holidays and don’t really have to purchase a van.