Nov 06

You Should See the Singing Waiters When You Travel to the UK

singing waiters – marvel superheroes

If you are from the UK and in particular if you happen to live in a bigger city such as London or Birmingham, I bet you already heard of The Singing Waiters. Just this past summer I had been so many wedding receptions where the folks booked The Singing Waiters as a better and really classy alternative to just hiring a DJ or a wedding band.

For me, it just makes a lot more sense that you get the best musical entertainment for your wedding when you otherwise spend a fortune on everything else. So why would you then want to settle for some average, local band?

The Singing Waiters have really the best dancers and singers and I can highly recommend them if you want to make your reception unforgettable for everyone.

As the name suggests, the Singing Waiters are famous and popular for their shows where they disguise themselves as waiters until it’s time for their surprise show that usually lasts about two hours.

Recently however there is also a chance that you can meet the singing waiters when you go on holidays on a cruise. They are now also performing on some of the U.K.’s cruise ships. Obviously, even the owners of cruise lines are now realising that the singing waiters are the best entertainment!

There is another speciality of The Singing Waiters and this is flash mob performances. Flash mobs are in particular popular for occasions such as engagements but if you’re fortunate enough you can also happen to witness a flash mob in public places such as in a shopping centre or at the town square of a major city. A lot of companies  and organisations in the UK they are also using flash mobs as a unique way to draw some attention or to advertise their products.

It’s their professional training and quality of their performances that made The Singing Waiters the most popular surprise entertainers in the UK today. When you see The Singing Waiters you will sure understand why!

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