Oct 23

Traveling On A Budget

VW-camperIf you want to see the world but need to watch your spending, you can do more than saving on plane tickets or booking into cheap hotels.

The best way to travel the world when money is a concern is without a question camping!

Fortunately camping has gone a long way today. It’s not what it has been in previous times where camping was a synonym for having to spend your time in a cramped tent and needing to fore-go all the luxuries of a nice hotel room or apartment.

What you can do today is to get yourself a modern campervan that has all what you could only wish for. Modern camper vans can have a nice, cozy sleeping area with a cozy bed. The come with a fully equipped kitchen complete with microwave and fridge along with many other luxuries such as a TV or stereo system.

Some campers can also be extended with an awning to increase the space where you can lounge and relax at your travel destination.

If you camp you will have more advantages as opposed to traveling the conventional way. Obviously you will not depend on having to visit pricey restaurants on your holiday stay since you can cook whatever and whenever you want. All you need to do is look up your fridge with groceries and you’re ready to go anywhere you want.

For many travellers, camping is the much better alternative. Being independent from hotels and motels means you can go anywhere without having to worry about booking a room. Whenever you like you can have a change of scenery since you can always go somewhere else without a problem.

Some travellers like camping that much they invested into their own campervan. It is understandable that such an expenditure may not be for anyone especially if they have never camped before. But there’s solution for this: You can simply rent a campervan for your holidays and don’t really have to purchase a van.