Mar 24

Why A Private Counsellor Is Usually Better

cbt-therapist-2Patients in the United Kingdom who seek psychological counselling usually have two options: to consult with a therapist from the NHS, or to choose a private counsellor.

A private therapist will be costing money, but may ultimately be a much better choice than going with a counsellor assigned by the NHS.

One advantage of a private therapist is that these are by and large certified.

In the United Kingdom, France and if someone is seeking cognitive behavioural therapy, a private CBT is usually certified by the BABCP, the U.K.’s lead organisation for cognitive behavioural therapy. This means that a patient will always know that they can get a counsellor that is qualified to help them in the best way possible.

Secondly, when patients choose to go with a private therapist, the can usually choose one which is closest to their home. This isn’t just convenient but can also save lengthy travels and travel expenses.

Thirdly, private therapist really more open when it comes to visiting hours. While therapists from the NHS may have fixed hours, a private therapist is more likely to accommodate to someone’s schedule. This can be helpful if someone is busy at home or work.

Lastly, more private therapists as compared to councillors from the NHS are offering additional options such as online consultations.

The above reasons along with other advantages can make a private therapist a very good option.


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